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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blazers sonofthebear 0 114
Broncos brett_james 0 52
Cougars wrecks 9 145
Grays volk 1 63
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Elite Giants kcbp 0 160
Highlanders jtjordanjr 4 23
Lobos stonewalter 1 520
War Eagles mysticrain 3 89
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bomb Testers snedgolfer3 0 34
Club de Béisbol dshimoda 2 124
Royals kujhawker 0 203
Sentinals raidersfan 8 218
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers timb116 8 140
Deadbeats unclejmd57 1 103
Humuhumunukunukuapua’a gorshar 3 144
Thunder topoftheworl 18 176
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubans clark9jhu 0 23
Grizzlies dupala1 1 46
Lotukwe?tátku kingkai53 0 149
Step Dads jeff2106 8 100
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aviators santorules 1 69
Patriots tomq 1 41
Phoenix ucfro 0 41
Robustos billhowell75 14 594
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Asinine Addicts svick39 0 129
Magnolias danzimmerman 0 122
Spiders wolf44 0 18
Wolverines scootermcray 30 313
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Afterbirth AubDutch 0 0
Horticulturists loosecc 0 215
Poker Slots jc44 19 209
Witch Hunters bclantonump 4 133
World Chat
Available : Eduardo Aramboles (RF) Nolan Blankenship (P) Malcolm Blackwell (B)
Oh, wonderful. I have a very good ML pitcher who declined his option in the offseason. During the budget period, he was all "just make me an offer", while asking for $7 million per year. I s...
Now that the budget is set, he's saying "I'm filing for free agency no matter what." That sucks. I even set my prospect budget based on the understanding that I would NOT be getting...
I don't understand how this game decides who takes drops in ratings and who doesn't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason
And Harvey Walsh (P)
Open to offers for Bret Revere (CF)
Open to offers for Trevor Aspromonte (P)
Burke Oduber (RF) available won't take much to get him so get that offer in quick
Is it mine?
or you can't handle that ,but still need a very productive bat Tony Armstrong (DH) and/or Juan Cerveza (DH) are available . that's right you could acquire John Beer

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