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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Griz t22u 1 38
Lynx tdfactory 2 442
Patriots billhowell75 15 611
Strange Brews HAWKFORHALL 0 139
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Diamonds rbedwell 37 305
Killer-Beavers bluenoser44 1 60
Naps douglasdao 6 164
Yankees grissom97 2 189
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bead Monsters lebeaubg 0 51
Gunners ukwildcats 0 47
Prickly Pear wihargo 3 87
Rejects cabbagehead 1 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cactus Fox97 0 22
Dark Knights furniss13 5 55
River Cats gregor199 3 391
Seals stonewalter 1 534
Franchise Owner Titles Season
BBQ Pork Steaks tmfran 8 605
Parrots newmex 0 51
Pick Pockets EBzer 0 77
Sycamores hatton98 1 185
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Browns vikesxv 0 118
Chin Music steelforge 10 153
Pitbulls alogman1 15 582
Smackdown Lightman 4 48
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ground Hogs trbrew 0 52
Mantequilla jain303 0 14
Rebel Yell Frozenherd 1 80
Thunder wrecks 9 148
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bronco Busters mbooker 18 696
Earthquakes Sipe 2 46
Gamblers havonjr7 0 39
Iron Pigs bjc30 4 237
World Chat
Need a position or player for the playoff push. All vets open for trade. please don't send cast off low ball offers
Need a big bat? Shawn Gonzales (C),
Carlos Pena (B), Santos Campos (B), Clayton Wood (LF), Esteban Guillen (RF), Brad Evans (DH) are available. Need an arm for the rotation or in the pen? Curtis Tucker
(P), Dan Matheson (P), Herman Reilly (P), Bud Hansen (P), Andy Crisp (P), Rick Cunningham (P) are available. Willing to help with salary in the right deal. TC or send proposal if interested.
Having players on the active roster is highly over rated
Another one bites the dust! Jeff Sager (P)
My team is in another freefall, seems to be a yearly event, so I'm willing to discuss moving anyone & everyone. TC or send proposal, please refrain from making lowball offers.
The Cleveland trade block is the entire Cleveland franchise. I am rebuilding.
Wrong ballpark, trade him to me.
Eliezer Gonzalez (P) certainly isn't what I expected.

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