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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dumpster Fire cubsnation 0 10
Red Rovers rocketcy 1 55
Scramblers sully712 0 12
Sea Dogs maxx4584 0 12
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces purpleaces 0 6
Expos verik22 5 78
Happy Endings TheJames007 1 18
Privateers gregor199 3 389
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cash pray4pro 0 6
Rebellion simplicity 0 29
Rockets cj_hackett 0 23
True Grit livysdaddy 5 59
Franchise Owner Titles Season
6 Pack WillEphs 0 0
Desert Cactus wizbang1943 0 128
Mighty Ducks jsn1642 1 38
Warbirds stonewalter 1 530
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blind $quirrel$ mbrake 3 163
Expos (NL) mm646433 13 103
Red Legs ukwildcats 0 47
Whodats ColCrunch 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Clippers kidcreeley 17 164
Pickles Toothache 0 3
Revolts kschoenberg 0 28
Stars ewells54 0 135
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bovinos EspaƱoles Elagabalus 0 14
Cardinals rich4cards 0 22
Manatees ehrich 0 24
Polar Bears blackhole4 1 27
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gnats cpet96 0 23
Jazz dwhit34 2 199
Monarchs jkenned 10 147
Terror jaylien1 1 11
World Chat
Nice name - Ham Green (SS)
I have some good young defensive SS available. Pascual Troncoso (SS), Henderson Connor (SS), Hiram Woodson (SS), Ham Green (SS)
Jhonny Reyes (B) on the block.
Looking for a veteran 1B with big power, solid SP, shutdown reliever. Will trade AAA prospects and pickup salary in the right deal.
Good players still available for cheap in Anaheim! Can cover salaries. Any decent prospect will do.
Willing to deal solid big league reliever Clayton Duckworth (P).
Anyone interested in joining a dynasty fantasy baseball league? My friends and family have an opening in a league on Yahoo. One of the teams had to drop for unforeseen circumstances.
We pushed the draft to this Sunday afternoon for that reason but we are still trying to find someone to take over that squad. If you are interested in the rules and/or the makeup of the squad please...
Omar Schoop (CF) and his career .OBP and good speed available for anyone looking for a table setter at the top of the lineup.
Matty Zurbaran (P) and Pascual Lopez (P) on the block. Looking for prospects with power/fielding and pitchers with good GB rates.

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