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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blues pbsilver11 2 225
Dragons cmchristians 0 74
Metronomes jbburner 0 102
Trappers grissom97 2 190
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Empire alexng6888 4 41
Expos ekoontz41 12 87
Massacre alogman1 15 585
Poor Sox rileyf1 1 193
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Deplorables sermonauthor 25 192
Evil Clowns rxw1 6 77
Flaxon-Waxon merritr 2 99
Space Cowboys rawdk27 9 107
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics peteskin 0 98
From My Loins topoftheworl 21 185
Hot Dogs alanharwell 0 21
west coast bombers dreed115 0 42
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gunslingers slashtc 2 97
Keepers of Weird mathias04 1 68
Lake Monsters bjschumacher 0 108
Sycophants hatton98 1 186
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons bjc30 4 238
Corgis mike22182 0 8
Nationals dfdarby 0 106
Solar Bears EBzer 0 80
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buitres stonewalter 1 537
Reconnaissance nittany88 2 82
Son's of Odin norsk44 0 158
Surf Riders VIII POKEYSAN 20 372
Franchise Owner Titles Season
'Apapanes tonicawf 3 153
Barons klown61455 5 102
Harpers thewheaties 0 225
Quakes drew_shull 0 14
World Chat
Any Starting pitchers looking for a new home for the stretch run? Let me know, I am interested.
Better to have a date to the Prom than none at all . . . .
Word. Lol. Funny thing is, after he accepted and I could see his starting ratings, the new fuzziness of the draft ratings looks to be biting me in the *** again. Oh well. At least he accepted.
wow, I've never seen that before, either! That's some good luck, tonic.
So my first round pick came back at me for more money. I couldn't raise the extra money, so eventually I offered him everything I had, which was about 1.2 million short of his new demands. He acce...
5/22 PM2 Transaction Deadline
Awesome! It's yours.
I’ll take raw’s old team.
Izzy Sterns (B) , Alex Chen (RF) , Ernie Scheffer (RF) , Vin Garland (RF) , Pat Kimbrel (P),
Julio Mairena (P) , Rube Hewitt (P), all looking to play for a contender. A couple have expiring contracts so here's a chance to get them for prospects & resign before Free Agency next year....

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