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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bearcats mmd1821 0 9
Blue Demons balance71 1 61
Golden Gophers Da_Ron 2 9
Scarlet Knights z0601 2 76
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulldogs Mln468 0 4
College Eagles jake72 9 76
Jayhawks WiredTiger 14 127
Panthers dwyck07 2 112
Franchise Owner Titles Season
A&M Aggies tbone66 1 152
Crimson Tide Flucie 6 255
Hurricanes jwynkoop2424 6 49
Longhorns Iceman67 1 310
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beavers tdfactory 2 442
Dons mrfortune3 1 110
Golden Bears bcboomer 1 60
Lobos mikejuggalo 5 80
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buckeyes anml34 2 102
Hawkeyes tk21775 7 294
Nittany Lions llcc 2 184
Wolverines intern_hc 3 55
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Devils mtorabdaddy 2 145
Hokies rattlers12 0 4
Tar Heels joekendall 2 100
Terrapins mcgupp 1 159
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Gators rfcurtis 0 54
Ragin Cajuns BroncoRon 0 33
Sooners displacednyr 1 69
Spiders bacchek 0 110
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bruins mamidu 3 119
Buffs greggypete 0 3
State Sun Devils train 21 257
Utes DanOz 0 3
World Chat
you should be!
sorry jake!
Sometimes the game is odd. I swear I lost 8-10 games or so in a row last season even though I had the second best record in the world. Very strange.
I checked to see how KC's outrageous start is outpacing their expected W-L, thinking I'd find a scandalous record in 1-run games or something. Nope - it's almost identical. :(
Out actual record is .104 below our expected record. Poop.
I don’t think I’ve ever had an L12 before. Ouch.
It sure is
Texas A, even at the Rookie level it’s still kinda cool.
I had him as my #6 player and my #3 pitcher I was expecting to get him at #9 but I think I did ok.
Stoked to get Lester at #5!

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