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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chokers cubsnation 0 10
Fellwalkers noccolo 1 70
Fillers purpleaces 0 6
Titans the_spartan1 3 37
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beef Sandwiches bxtxcx 4 115
Pathfinders goatbear 0 18
Patriots cfordy40 0 1
Perfectos dlrodriguez 5 85
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cali-Snowflakes Feamster 16 489
Conquistadors larsonyoyo 0 26
Heat dang18 1 23
Kitty Cats johnderasmo 0 61
Franchise Owner Titles Season
pronghorns greg8 0 48
Sockeyes jksnake99 0 37
Step Dads jeff2106 8 102
Swamp Dragons Mgerlock 1 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bagwell Bashers sonneboy2000 0 73
Fudds sylemark 4 376
Polish Babes jsn1642 1 38
Whodats ColCrunch 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Ballers rich4cards 0 22
Clones ratpoison 2 42
Royal Giants pimpbotlove 15 158
Wings pray4pro 0 6
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dirtbags trojansb 0 21
Phoenix jlouttit 0 28
Reapers Alabama_Lege 0 2
Red Tide nwilson2 1 42
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bandits gccoach 1 106
Imposters tony23 1 301
Oakland Antagonists elfuego 0 11
Tigers hirschjt 7 48
World Chat
Anyone need defensive ss/cf? Calvin Suzuki (SS) , Eugene Ferguson (B) , Yu Dong (B) available
Darrell Robinson (B) can be moved for a setup guy
Solid or starter Delino Guerra (P) available for prospect/prospects. Need to clear some cap space so I cannot help with salary. Very consistent pitcher. Make an offer.
Anyone have a pre-arb set-up guy they want to move for a prospect?
All high contract players are available for cheap prospects
Miss out on the FA starter you were looking for? Innings eater Mickey Mills (P) and his modest contract can be had
Delino Guerra (P) is available. Trade chat if interested.
Looking to move a couple guys to free up space on the big club. Looking for prospects. Make me an offer. Guilder Parra, Marvin McCall, and Tim Henley - all on trade board.
I have a beast in Matt Bland (P) up for trade for some first rounders.
That wouldn't do it. If people doesn't like my trades then that's their opinion.

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