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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Barons badooujack 0 73
Longshots bleader 0 23
Swashbucklars graybeard 22 332
Yankees txvbcoach 2 56
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees jongdavis 7 113
Brisket Zattack 3 74
Rebel Scum bigwade14 1 42
Wailers scarpio 0 6
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bucking Horses nittany88 2 80
Davis & Main rookie30000 1 106
Hutts thewheaties 0 220
Raccoon sors 1 94
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cobras hogsfan22 2 54
Grizzlies JustSmyth 0 8
Traders Sportsbulls 0 1
Xposure richelle 2 152
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brewers Jace1258 0 0
Cerveceros dwyck07 2 110
Force rootgargle 2 126
Fuzzy Pink Dice tatankawya 2 56
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Marauders Bulldog0404 0 0
Phightins clark9jhu 0 25
Senators rkodonnell 3 80
Wolves kennedrj 9 188
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces mjs22 5 37
Charlies billhowell75 15 606
Titans tui0job 3 84
Wall Builders Alabama_Lege 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Copper Kings jcarver67 0 110
Sea Lions mktulu2 2 50
Tourists stealcompany 0 91
Wildcats carseneau 2 79
World Chat
Welcome rookie30000! iain requested a replacement.
Site Staff
iain has been replaced by rookie30000
Stephen Craig (P) back on the trade block
versatile Calvin Jaha (B) available for a prospect
Awards are up.
Wilt Killefer (RF) is available, OPS over . so far this season
Those seasons of pain make where you are now even sweeter... I can definitely see you with the #1 seed in the NL..
Thanks! Many seasons of pain to get to this spot. Hernandez is decent, but this was the first time I feel like the prospect looked significantly better before signing than after when I've had a bi...
Jesus rkodonnell... your ML squad is already top notch... now you add to your minors with the Karim Hernandez (P) sign.. well done...
And fussing isn’t going to help. We never fuss at each other there. We will talk sh!t but never fuss about anything because we have played together for so long we even wish each other Happy Birthday

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