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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Expos wallace77 0 14
Sasquatches loudawg10 2 53
Spiders kidcreeley 17 158
Whiskey Jacks tonicawf 3 150
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cubs putz37 0 21
Ravens tswayne11 3 106
Titans njcomet 2 185
Woodsmen blapo21 2 40
Franchise Owner Titles Season
6 Strings ascho9 0 62
Fire Dogs andyr104 6 215
Jack Hammers bignr37 0 110
Senators grissom97 2 186
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Annunaki gideanb 0 24
Ice Dogs bigtex1 1 78
Legends captain10a 5 293
Sons of HBD nesman 3 153
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chiefs patrickkm 4 128
Mirage kitkit 5 57
Starrs golsen 6 115
Tully Monsters oudoggie22 1 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bombers bigsammich 1 67
Devil Shemps shempdevil 0 20
Moonlighters jonstephen25 2 27
Trumps Alabama_Lege 0 1
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Big Wood kb22 1 24
Paddle Wheels mbooker 17 691
Problems JulieWinters 2 21
Surf Riders X POKEYSAN 20 355
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Berserkers yggdrasil 0 152
Ghouls swirldude 3 64
Moose mitt0108 14 121
Volcanoes msmsales 0 83
World Chat
This is a good world for letting people run their franchises as they see fit.
Obviously we don't want tanking (thus the 60 win rule and prospect penalty) but wheeling and dealing is fine. Please try and keep your minors in check as well. It's very competitive here so...
There's no rule against it. We just like to keep things within fair play guidelines.
Just curious what would be the basis for that rule?
Is there any rule against signing a Type A free agent and immediately trading him a la the current Carlod James trade?
Irving Soto (B) is available not looking for much in return
Hate myself. I was convinced Carlos James was gonna get a huge deal so I didn’t even bother bidding and then he signed for his original asking. Good signing!
Trade block updated, TC if interested
solid SP Hank Tolar (P) is now on the waiver wire and he's all yours for the price of a waiver claim...
I'm doing a complete gut and rebuild here in Baltimore. Please take a look at my updated trade block and let's make some deals...

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