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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chiefs sjpratt 3 62
Hustlers nalleyjohn 1 106
Kennebecs bartlettbear 0 10
Moondogs psanders84 2 92
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Berserkers yggdrasil 0 157
Rock Cats josepaco 8 103
Senators stonewalter 1 537
White Walkers mtanton07 1 15
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Azul a3morey 2 117
Braves cyclones1 11 89
Gators jslipford916 0 23
Sluggers buddy996 2 67
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dodgers goober1967 0 86
Hilltoppers reigny 0 338
Pilots gregor199 3 396
Warriors longballwins 0 34
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dragoons Dragoons 8 54
Force cinmark44 2 104
River Bandits breeolad 1 85
Turtles alanharwell 0 21
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hot Brown medeiran 1 25
Metropolitans itsnjmike 1 40
Rebels drarcher 3 112
Thunder AceCards 4 188
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cowboys sever22 0 123
Jesters ewd330 30 226
Sad Sacks clavelleba 0 25
Sultanes wamco 0 36
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadians vandydave 3 207
Hurricane bbrashear 1 10
River Cats huskerfan24 0 31
Slopes BP11598 4 79
World Chat
Wow, mike. Throwing in the towel already?!
Bernie Bautista (B) - putting current league leader in batting through revoc waivers.
Controllable and cheap - so not sure yet if I will deal him but certainly willing to listen if a playoff team is looking for that extra push. Starting to look like my team is falling off.
Oh yeah, Thanks for risking the injury!
Luis Bennett (P) finished his career in Honolulu with hits in innings for the win.
Obviously my team is not going to contend this season. I have good players if someone wants to bolster their team for a playoff run.
if your looking to add a team chrckout Gehrig world tell the commish nallry sent me.
Looking for a replacement owner or two in other league. TC me if interested in a free team. Only about 40 games in.
Yasiel Jimenez (B) may need a change of scenery. Trade chat if interested.
Haha. I knew someone from “that” division was going to say something.

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