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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Buckeyes jtreeves72 0 18
Goodfellas livysdaddy 5 60
Hammerheads steelforge 10 153
Van Slykes avanslyke18 4 68
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Cleveland Bulldogs grissom97 2 189
Fightins swindy10 0 47
O's jfribush 3 45
Red Sawx hypnotoad 4 137
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Army of One koz40 2 87
Generals ukwildcats 0 47
Pujols steel2670 3 21
Stars baseball4309 0 14
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Lastplace justinuv 3 80
Menacing Mormons jlittle523 0 33
Metros Midmets 0 115
Riverdogs bingles 0 118
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bluegrass Barons coachky 0 7
Brewers strikeout26 0 30
but Sue gets back up catjuggler23 2 38
Lynx fats47 0 38
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aces aceball 0 5
Bombers jethroeg 0 46
Mets urbanwarrior 0 109
Wrigleys Chicago Cubs wallstreet1 0 24
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Beach Bros themonk26 0 33
BootLeggers rbjb 0 72
Colt .45s efeighny 0 36
Sultanes jying98 3 138
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blue Knights av84aal 1 92
Land Sharks TAVoorhees 1 68
Potato Heads bem7742 8 38
Scorpions burton2231 0 113
World Chat
I hope it motivates him to get that ERA down!
Monk, how do you think your #5 feels about you announcing publicly that you don't like him?
Don’t love my #5 starter so if anyone has a decent SP that’s available cheap let me know. The guy I have now is fine and my farm systems a little thin so I’m not looking to go crazy but I’m willing t...
As always, every ML Player available in the right deal. :)
Looking to add a bat or arm? These players are available: Leonys Benitez (C),
Jace Cook (B), Ivan Grimsley (B), Williams Clark (LF), Timo Zhang (CF), David Jackson (RF), Yovani Castro (P), Donaldo
Baez (P), Alvin Maybin (P), Carlos Machado (P) Jamie Nakajima (P), Julian Cordero (P), Valerio Gabriel (P). TC or send proposal if interested. Willing to help with salary in the right deal.
Thanks rb.
Thanks. You too!
I hope everyone has a Happy Easter

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