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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears HAWKEYEONE 1 205
Commanders bluecrew65 0 14
Lynx coach_chaos 1 66
Sad Sacks zigbi 21 127
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brahmins NormanW5 2 125
Carter & Hayden Stewart_UK 4 233
River 2xRedRaider 0 0
Tsunami gerald007 4 178
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arlington River Rats AllSox 7 271
Magnolias arcadecowboy 2 105
Molten Lava bbqjason 14 165
Racers rugrat 1 320
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Arsenal dsmba 7 181
Athletics McGirkTheJer 0 7
Highwaymen rquin9 5 245
Tornadoes timb116 8 148
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Canadiens dpierc5 1 84
ORCAS northof49 0 92
Sky Chiefs brickyard9 6 188
Wolfpack flbarons 0 113
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Amps pete775 0 97
Fire gregor199 3 396
Strange JulieWinters 2 23
Weavers sinfonian11 2 117
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Lowered Fifths zlionsfan 0 123
Major Dudes majnun 6 64
Razorbacks cdw34 3 71
Truth jptrainwreck 11 104
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bees tenaciousdx 2 124
Huskers bigtex1 1 80
Volcanoes techmobo 1 130
Webfoots chawkins11 3 154
World Chat
Thanks much! I was bummed I had to be away, but glad to be back now.
@bluecrew65 Sounds good, I'm glad you are back.btw the semi did a good enough job against my chumps I think I got swept by Columbus.
@McGirktTheGer - Interesting timing. Just before the season stared I advised the commish I had to back out due to a work project that was unexpected and was going to be time consuming.
The project has mellowed quite a bit and just today I logged in since that date. I asked the commish if it would be ok to jump back in. Unfortunate it is near the end of the season, but I’m back.
Jp, I’m in 3 different worlds looking for 4 or less. If you know any swappers, let me know and I’ll hook you with Commissioners
Pine Tar is a solid league, looking for 3 new owners to start the new season. Let me know if interested.
Glenn Greer (LF) is available
Just an fyi, Columbus hasn't checked in since 4/2. Hope all is well.
JP took out his frustration on my guys: Baltimore Weavers vs. Austin Truth

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