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American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Black Bears Tcas4ever 0 5
Gamblers Mo_town 0 12
Pilots kcmiz 0 8
Samurai seattleace 6 87
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chicago Dubs booyaed99 0 3
Crawfords maharacer 12 105
Kaisers usibjc 1 59
Schrutes ParlanceGuy 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Aggies ascho9 0 66
Red Clays Robert1982 1 22
Shockers msmsales 0 86
Southern Belles oriolemagic 5 79
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics bncounter6 0 4
Crow Nation efeighny 0 36
Harborcoats rjreynolds 0 12
Plebians danknuggz 4 108
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Moonballers Baums_away 1 10
Moose blue mug 2 85
Spartans MHanny17 0 5
Stugots tony23 1 307
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Blaze peteskin 0 98
Honey Bee's 2U23L 0 25
Red Rocks bwanakev 0 40
Whodats ColCrunch 0 2
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dos Equis Amigos mskakunan 0 51
Knights theploww 0 25
Naturals rileyf1 1 193
Showboats bscho2 0 20
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Grizzlies alogman1 15 585
Kush Raiders 420cardinal 0 52
Lumpies pitboss13 4 103
Slim Shady metalgaru 0 10
World Chat
It's lazy parenting. I coach Jr High bball and the kids don't want a participant award, but parents amd administration just assume it's necessary so they award everyone then complain it.
Ha! I wondered why it was starred out. Might as well change it from WIS to (millenial) WUSS! Amirite?
How dare you use the letters h, o, m, and o in that order in a word.
The generational stuff is 99% bs based on crazy generalizations peddled by ppl with agendas. I've taught college freshmen/sop****res for almost 25 years. The 19 yr olds I teach now have exactly t...
What's funny is I am in the same "age range" as he is. I was alive when the Orioles last won a world series if that tells you anything..
And, yeah, I guess I totally missed why oriolemagic got the 'these kids today' attack'.Vomitous, guess who makes up your infantry, these days? You insulting the troops, boy?
Ah, well. Ultimately my mistake, but sux.
and I vetoed also
Wow somehow I missed all that complaining. And an unprovoked shot fired at me for some unknown reason. I guess that's what I get for trying to help someone understand the game better rather then...
I vetoed but must have been in the minority.

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