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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Athletics jaylans 0 12
Badgers Tunaphysh 0 31
Red Wings dlmose 1 128
Supersonics breezee 0 142
Franchise Owner Titles Season
600's ruffleswest 7 158
Baseball Stars nesman 4 159
Blue Legs ltlbird3 3 35
Trash Haulers tmfran 8 600
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Brooklyknights mrclutch_24 0 20
Flamingos eric1214 1 171
Jacks danzimmerman 0 123
StRangers mgreed1954 0 98
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bongos congobillie 0 49
Crushers coach34 5 123
Greenhorns warrior0510 0 223
Notorious Sinners yumen442 0 10
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Dinos mktulu2 2 50
Pilots mike1184 22 273
Steel Ospreys crickett13 1 142
Table Smashers stolinoli 9 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bulls fsubwj 0 199
Kickpunchers arcticlegend 7 114
OleWINdz the_wacker 0 53
Whereabouts golsen 6 116
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Colonels lukeb31 7 81
Revolvers tajohn 2 51
Secession b00gm0nster 1 48
Tarpons dayte327 1 205
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Golden Eagles brett_james 0 53
Kahyukwile?shúha? kingkai53 0 155
Rockets Rodneyhuff 3 110
WhoRThzGuys Schlemiel 1 148
World Chat
Charlotte is also open for business...any/all offers welcomed
Everyone on my roster is available for trade. Fire away!
Trade block updated. Lots of solid vets available
I added several to trade block. Looking to make some moves. In need of SP, CF/2B, and LF. Let me know if you see anyone you like.
still looking to trade Jabari Nation (RF) for a sp
things to make CH easier rule 1. Don't rehire any ML coach except your FI or base coaches who will return at the minimum..
My fracking coaches when ape sh1t. I rehired 4, as in FOUR, of the DH's, and I don't mean designated hitters. Looks like I didn't budget enough for this already pain in the derriere dance.
LaTroy Lawrence (B) for sale. Looking for a prospect or two.. TC if interested.
Looking to move Kevin Lundquist (P) Luigi Amaro (LF) Otto Perkins (CF) Derrek Cust (B) Tuck Goodwin (P)
looking for a good sp will trade one of these guys for one Ronn Bochy (B) Jabari Nation (RF)

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